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Case Solibri User Day, how to maximize Event ROI?

Solibri User Day Finland

Solibri User Day event marked its much-anticipated return on 25th October 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. After a pause during the COVID years, this event was reintroduced to engage the Finnish market and reinforce Solibri’s position as the market leader in BIM quality assurance software.

“We’re proud of the success of our User Day event in Helsinki.
A special thanks to our partners, Aktive and Unie, for making this event a success! All the KPI’s agreed together were reached and Solibri reinforced its position as an industry leader in Finland!”

– Russell Anderson, CMO, Solibri

Achievements to Note

The hybrid event stood out for several reasons:

  • Financially, it reached break-even in less than a day.
  • It witnessed one of the best attendee levels Solibri has seen in recent years.
  • The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees attested to the event’s comprehensive planning and execution.

Event Dynamics

Attendees, both on-site and online, were met with a blend of professionalism and inclusivity. The day was efficiently organized, featuring keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring everyone felt involved.

World-Class Content by Solibri

Solibri showcased their industry leadership not just in product offerings but also in content delivery. Understanding their audience’s needs, challenges, and aspirations, Solibri presented topics and insights that were both relevant and forward-thinking. This attention to detail in content curation ensured that attendees received value, knowledge, and motivation, further establishing Solibri’s commitment to excellence and its clientele’s growth. Special thanks to Solibri’s Customer Success Manager Finland, Peter Peltonen.

Strategic Participant Acquisition by Aktive

Aktive, with Teemu Roine at the helm, was instrumental in the event’s resounding success. They adopted a strategic approach to participant acquisition, blending targeted invitations with an effective digital promotion campaign. This balanced strategy not only reached the right audience but also resonated with them, ensuring the event attracted a crowd that was not just large but also perfectly aligned with Solibri’s market focus.

Seamless Execution by Unie

Unie‘s proficiency was evident in the flawless integration of the physical and virtual components of the event. Susanne Salo in charge, their expertise guaranteed that all technical elements operated without a hitch, providing a consistent experience for all attendees, both on-site and hybrid.


In summary, the Solibri User Day Finland is a shining example of what can be accomplished with on-point content tailored to the participants, expert planning and execution, reinforcing Solibri, Unie, and Aktive’s capability to deliver standout events.

The team behind success

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