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When the right people get together, anything is possible! Aktive has leaders and partners working natively with English, German, Swedish and Finnish. Our operational specialists cover all major languages.

Samu Tolvanen

I have a background as a serial entrepreneur since 2006, focusing mostly in Professional Services and Management Consulting industries. I'm a founding member of the company.

Over the last +15 years I have worked with over 20 industries where my focus has been on Sales strategy and execution.

In business I believe you can achieve unbelievable results only through the people you work with.

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Riaz Zabihian

I have over 25 years of experience in Sales, Purchasing and Sales Development. Before joining Aktive I have been working in large international companies such as 3M and ABB.

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Iina Lehtonen

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and an Entrepreneur with holistic knowledge of promoting and developing business online.

Although very number oriented, I possess great social skills and I excel when I get to interact with other people. I speak Finnish, English and Swedish.

At Aktive my focus is on leading Marketing Operations for Aktive's customers.

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Ashwin Rajan

I have enjoyed a +20 year career in design and innovation within firms such as Fjord / Accenture Interactive and Deloitte. Currently I´m leader of the Behavior Design practice at Fabric and work in collaboration with Aktive.

My educational background is in Psychology and Sociology from India and from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

I have worked a wide range of  global clients such as Oracle, Microsoft and Lego.

At Aktive my focus is on product design, product-led growth, user experience, churn prevention, and user retention within B2B software.

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